Why Inchstones Matter: Celebrating Small Wins

Celebrate tiny triumphs with inchstones. These small yet vital steps in a child's journey help foster growth and confidence along their journey.

Celebrating Inchstones: Embracing the Tiny Triumphs of Late Talkers

As parents, we eagerly anticipate our children’s first words, imagining the day they’ll call us "Mama" or "Dada." However, when those words are slow to come, the journey can feel lonely and worrisome. At Can do, we believe in celebrating every child for who they are and embracing each tiny step forward, no matter how small. These small steps, or inchstones, are the incremental measures of progress that pave the way for bigger milestones. Here’s why inchstones are so important and how they can transform your perspective on your child's development.

Understanding Inchstones

Inchstones are the little achievements that often go unnoticed in the grand scheme of child development. Unlike milestones, which are the significant markers such as saying the first word or taking the first step, inchstones are the smaller, more frequent accomplishments that lead up to these bigger events. For late talkers, inchstones might include:

  • Responding to their name
  • Making eye contact
  • Pointing to objects of interest
  • Babbling with varied sounds
  • Imitating sounds or gestures

These tiny steps are crucial indicators of progress, showing that your child is learning and developing in their unique way and at their own pace.

The Importance of Celebrating Inchstones

  1. Building Confidence and Motivation: Celebrating inchstones reinforces positive behaviour and effort. Each time you acknowledge your child’s progress, you boost their confidence and encourage them to keep trying. This positive reinforcement is essential for fostering a love for learning and communication.
  2. Creating a Positive Environment: Focusing on inchstones helps create a nurturing and supportive environment. When you celebrate the small victories, it shifts the focus from what your child can’t do to what they can, creating a more positive and encouraging atmosphere for both you and your child.
  3. Reducing Stress and Anxiety: The pressure to reach developmental milestones can be overwhelming for both parents and children. By celebrating inchstones, you relieve some of this pressure, allowing everyone to enjoy the journey without the constant worry about meeting specific timelines.
  4. Strengthening the Parent-Child Bond: Recognising and celebrating inchstones strengthens your bond with your child. It shows them that you are attentive, supportive, and proud of their efforts, fostering a deeper emotional connection.

How to Celebrate Inchstones

  1. Keep a Progress Journal: Document each inchstone in a journal. Write down the date, what your child did, and how it made you feel. This record will serve as a beautiful reminder of their journey and how far they’ve come.
  2. Create a Visual Celebration Board: Use a bulletin board or a wall in your home to display pictures, drawings, or notes about each inchstone. This visual representation can be a daily reminder of your child’s progress and a source of motivation for everyone in the family.
  3. Share the Joy with Others: Involve family and friends in celebrating your child’s inchstones. Share updates and invite loved ones to join in the celebrations. The support and encouragement from your community can be incredibly uplifting.
  4. Reward Effort, Not Just Achievement: Celebrate the effort your child puts into each step forward, not just the achievement itself. Whether it’s a high-five, a special treat, or extra playtime, find ways to show your child that their hard work is valued.
  5. Set Realistic and Personalised Goals: Work with professionals to set realistic, personalised goals for your child. Celebrate each time they make progress towards these goals, no matter how small the steps.

Embracing the Journey

Every child’s journey is unique, and progress may come at different times and in different ways. By focusing on inchstones, you embrace the individuality of your child’s development and celebrate their progress in a meaningful and positive way. At Can Do, we’re here to support you every step of the way, cheering on each tiny triumph and helping you celebrate the joy of your child’s unique path.

Remember, each inchstone is a step towards a brighter future, and every small victory is worth celebrating. Let’s cherish these moments together and celebrate our children for who they are, one inchstone at a time.