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Together we can turn your home into a Can-Do home!

'The worry of having a child with developmental needs is made worse by the system you find yourself in'

Free Resources

Take a look at our free resources and begin your Can-Do journey here.  From Late Talker Workshops to Speech and Language activity cards we have you covered!

Click below, grab a cuppa and explore what we have for free.

We hope you get tons of value and find lots of things to get you started.

Mini Workshops

Our bank of Mini Workshops is growing all the time!  These are 40-60 minute workshops with information and 3 practical steps to take to implement this into your everyday life.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or just need a specific area to work on this is for you.

They are low cost, practical, concise and super helpful.

We run some live too so you can ask questions at the end, so look out for them.

The Subscription Hub

If you are someone who likes to just crack on, on your own, in your own time.  If you find yourself saying 'Joanne, just tell me what to do' This hub is for you.  

It has the core can-do course, plus all my additional courses and a Vault of valuable resources.

It is jam packed and will answer all your burning questions and give you tons of ideas and support to help your child at home.

The Bootcamp and Mini Bootcamp

The bootcamp is unique!  It isn't a course, it isn't just speech therapy it is a mentoring, coaching, community, programme that will help you every step of the way.

The Bootcamp is open all year round and you can join at anytime for 6 months.  It includes tons of support and information and when you are ready we will welcome you with open arms.

The Mini Bootcamps run 4 times a year and they are small group handholding spaces that run for 6 weeks.  The core content is the same but the groups are smaller and there is more personalised feedback and support.

After the 6 months or 6 weeks, there is the option to continue in their on a monthly membership.

The Journey of a hundred miles starts with the first step

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