Improve your skills and confidence to work with late-talking children

Do you want a new toolkit to use with Late Talking children (including pre-verbal child)?

Can-Do is a proven, practical, empowering and parent focused.  It is a full programme that is easy to deliver in clinics, on zoom, in homes, in nurseries.

Can-Do offers a simple but effective way to support parents to become their child's best language facilitator

It shows parents how to help their children over six weeks in all the everyday moments.

It gives you the tools to teach, mentor, and supportmultiple families through the approach.

Parent satisfaction having experienced the Can-Do is 98% report progress and feeling less stressed.

Increase your practice, increase your client satisfaction and increase your skills.

Receive support and community to help you in your practise.

Use Can-Do materials including workbooks, journals, handouts, activity ideas so your sessions are done for you.

Can-Do is useful for parents of children who are not yet conversational including those with complex needs.

Add this toolkit to your speech therapy practice and feel super confident
supporting a wide range of families,

This licensing allows newly qualified to very experienced therapists to deliver life changing  speech and language support to late talkers' families

We aim to knock your socks of with this unique and practical programme

Includes colourful, informative handouts, slides, worksheets, journal prompts for you to share with families

We created this licensing programme for SLT's like YOU who...

Want a increase their client base

Do you want to work with a wider variety of families but not felt confident and find yourself staying within a small specialism.  This programme will help you to widen your reach.

Want support to build their business

Let us help you to increase your business and change more lives.  Increase your confidence, income and job satisfaction.

Want to work in a more effective way

Do you find yourself carrying out weekly sessions forever with families where the parents are disengaged.  Learn skills to engage families and make real change for children.

Brought to you by ME!  Joanne Jones

I am the person behind The Home of Can®  

I am a Consultant Speech and Language Therapist and mum of four

I know what it feels like to feel like to be working with families and desperately want to help but feeling as though I am not actually helping.
Feeling as though I could never do enough and was leaving them feel unsatisfied.


There has to be a way!   

And one that doesn't involve spending TONS of time studying or courses that break the bank.

I know so many SLT'S want to help the families they work with.  

They just don't know how.

For years I knew there must be a better way to support parents late talkers and after 23 years as a speech therapist and nearly 5 years of testing and trialling the Can-Do Approach, I have now made it available at an affordable price to all Speech and Language Therapists

Nothing like this exists, and I know it is going to help so many children.  

I can not wait to hear what you think!

Everything you need to elevate your offering

SNEAK PEAK at the Modules 


Welcome and Introductions

In module one we will set the scene and find our feet.  This is the most important module, to get you ready for the rest of the course.


Overview of Can-Do

This is the bird's eye view.  What are we doing and how are we going to achieve it.  We will look at the programme and the business.


The Magic of Can-Do

Can-Do is special for a number of reasons in this module we will go through the elements that makes it so effective and easy to use.


The 6 Modules of Can-Do

We will go through the 6 modules of Can-Do and you can see how it all comes together


Trauma Informed Practice

Many of the families we work with have layers of trauma in their expereince and this impacts on the filter that information passess.  In this module we consider how to work through a trauma informed lens



Ways to deliver the Can-Do to families and how to structure your business to help to build a client base



A deep dive into play and it's impact on speech and language development.  The importance of supporting play and ways we support play in Can-Do



Learn about mouths, lips, jaws and tongues and the impact they have on the whole body and on communication.  Use strategies to support children's learning.


Neuro-affirming langauge

We know so much from neuro-diverse adults now and how the language we use impacts them.  In this module we will consider the importance of getting our language right in our written and spoken word


Coaching and Mentoring

In this module we consider the skills of a coach and those of a mentor and how we effectively use these alongside our therapy skills to support and motivate parents.


Surprise and Delight

How do we create a business model that goes beyond expectation.  How can we over deliver without burn out or losing money.  This module will explore this in detail.


Wide Family Concerns

Often parents have other concerns about thie r children such as eating, sleeping, toileting and these can roadblock progress in other areas,  We can't be jack of all trades but we can know where to signpost people.


Involving Nurseries/Schools

We all know that when a child has a team that works well togehter mountains can be moved.  In this module we will look at bringing together the best team for the child.


Gestalt Language Processing

Understand Gestalt Language Processors and how our approach would be different for these children.


Messaging and communication

How do we use the right language to attract our perfect clients.  Whether we are using social media, leaflets, talks or a website our messaging is key.  We also cover how do we get our voive out to bigger audiences.


Go Forth

Here we put the final pieces in place to allow you to go forth and use the Can-Do in your practice.  We discuss ongoing support and the affiliate programme and the community group.

What you can expect

Here is what you will get by joining The Can-Do Licensed Speech and Language Therapist
Clear onboarding

Feel settled and follow what to do straight away with our onboarding module

16 module course

There is 16 modules to the course delivered over 24 weeks.

Ideas Beyond SLT

There are ideas for attracting the right clients, speaking to your families, play, oro-motor the list goes on.


Join our affiliate programme and get £10 thank you for every family that joins the Can-Do.


Workbooks to keep you on track and help you implement change

12 months License

12 months licensing to use the Can-Do in your practice.  With the opportunity to renew after 12 months.

12 months access to the community

Have access to the SLT community for 12 months


Each module is pre recorded videos and a zoom call with Jo (or team member) to ask questions and go over things learning.


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    This is the price for the first ever launch. This price is available from March 2024-April 2024

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