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Ditch the Dummy


Dummies can be really unhelpful for late talkers but ditching it can be a daunting task.  Ditch the Dummy, The Gentle Way supports parents to use a connected, empathetic approach to moving away from the dummy.  Available on amazon.

The Can-Do Team Journal


Good communication between home and the nursery is so important when you have a late talker.

But as a previous nursery owner, the demands on staff's time may mean they don't have time to write as much as they would like.  This book is easy to fill in for staff and super informative for parents.

Babble Bath Downladable Activity Cards

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Make bath time Speech therapy with these excellent activty cards.
Never be stuck for ideas again.

Letter and Number Activites


Lot's of children have an interest in letter, number, colour and shape, but how can we stretch this interest and add communication into the heart of it.

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