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Empowering parents to be their child's greatest developmental support

"Here at The Home of Can-Do, 
we focus on what you child CAN-DO 
and not what they can't do"

Why Choose The Can-Do Approach?

As a parent you are often told what your child can't do, what they should be doing and what they haven't done.  

There is never a focus on the wonderful achievements they make every single day.

When you change the focus and look for what they CAN-DO, Magic Happens!

This unique approach to speech and language therapy takes the stress and worry away from parents with late-talking children.  

The Can-Do Approach Helps you to

Find your Group

Find where your child is up to in practical terms and know where you are heading next

Identify your Focus

There are different elements of support and the Can-Do shows you where to focus

Add in the Pillars

The Four Pillars help you to slip in speech therapy all day everyday and your child won't even notice

Know when to Move on

The 5 C's help you to work out when to move on and when to keep going

Check out what people say...

Joanne Jones
Consultant Speech and Language Therapist & 
Creator of The Can-Do Programme

With 20 years experience in the NHS,  2 years online and being a mum of four, nursery owner and postnatal doula, I have all the skills to support you in a kind, compassionate and effective way.

From early in my career my focus has been supporting parents as I could see how disempowered they became in the 'system'.

No-one wants to have to call on a speech therapist to help their child, so my job is to make it not just functional but also a positive experience that enhances your family life.

I have put together all my knowledge and experience for you and I can not wait to get to know you, help you and celebrate your child's progress with you.

Come on board, you have found your tribe! 

Love Jo x 

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I have empowered 1000's of parents across the world to help their child in everyday moments at home.  Start your journey with Can-Do today!

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