What does a Community look like?

Finding your tribe is an important step in the parenting journey. Let's look into how.

Starting off on your parenting journey can be lonely.  You may have friends who become parents at the same time as you, or meet people at antenatal classes.

This is fine until your child's development takes on a different trajectory to other children's and suddenly you are feeling all alone again.

But the fact is, you are not alone, there are lots of parents feeling the same way, it is just a case of finding them.

So what do you need from a community and where do you find it?

Your community should

1) Understand your journey and be able see the world from your eyes - look for people who are treading a similar path to yours.  Nobody knows what is like exactly what it is like to be you, but that is not what you need.  You need people who 'just get it' and understand the ups and downs.

2) Be non-judgemental - look for people who are not out to judge, belittle or criticise.  You need a community that lifts you up.  

3) Be welcoming - cliques not needed!  You want to find a community that are opening and welcoming and make you feel at home straight away.

4) Share similar interests - it is great if you can find a community that shares your interests and passions, well at least some of them.

5) Supportive - a community that is supportive and there when you need them is to be grabbed with both hands.  Finding a community that you can lean in to in those times when you need support is priceless.

6) Uplifting - we all feel down sometimes and need support but finding a community that can also uplift you, help you to enjoy the highs of life.  Look for a community where people share the good times too.

7) Accessible - your community needs to be easy to spend time with and easy to be part of so think about accessibility when choosing your community.

Ok, so we have outlined the perfect community, the one we all want to be part of, but where do you find it?

There are a few places:

1) Online - online can be great as you can search for communities based on understanding interest and accessibility.  You can find people who support you and uplift you and it may even lead in-person meet-ups.

2) Specialist groups like The Can-Do Amble's that are for parents of late talking children.

3) Specialist sessions at play centres.

4) Specialist classes/activities for children.

So it is time to go and find your 'Perfect Community' and start to feel less alone and right at home!

Come over to our community if you haven't already.  You will get a warm welcome.

Look forward to meeting you.