Ditch The Dummy

5 steps to gently move away from dummy. As seen on BBC1 The One Show. Now includes bonus Ebook!

Course Summary

In these 5 easy steps I will show you how and why to ditch the dummy and when is the right time for you.

Easy Modules

I know you are busy and I know it can be hard to consume lots of information so I have kept this short and to the point.  There is lots to share with you but it is done in a way that is 'waffle-free' and straight to the point.
The E-book is in work book format and can be used to help you make a plan

Practical Steps

I wanted it to be practical and easy to implement.  Sometimes ditching the dummy can feel like a mountain to climb and so I wanted to break it down and make it feel totally doable.  100's of families have successfully implemented these steps and ditched the dummy once and for all.

Child-centred Approach

I am not a 'leave them to cry' type of person.  I wouldn't do this with my own children and I won't ask you to do it either.  My steps help you to move on from the dummy in a gentle way that puts your child at the heart of it.

Course Curriculum

Joanne Jones

Hello!  I am Joanne Jones, a Consultant Speech and Language Therapist based in the UK, I have worked for 21 years in the NHS and also for many years in private practice.  I am passionate about early language development and have helped 1000's of families through my former nursery,  BBC radio and television, my amazon No.1 Bestseller and most importantly through The Home of Can-Do.  I love helping parents of young children, to work out where their child is up to, what the next steps are and how to get there. One of my drivers is the inequity of speech therapy provision and I can not wait to help you too.  

Sam Smith

Mum of Charlie

Yay!  The dummy has gone.  Thank you so much Joanne.  We have tried before but never managed it!  He is already making so many more sounds.

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