(Pre) School Ready Package

1:1 package for school or nursery readiness

Don't waste the first half term!

When children start a new setting there is often a time where there is a wait for support to be put in place.  
Let me help you create your own starter pack for the setting so they know what to do while they are waiting for services to kick in.

How it works

Create a pack ready for your child starting school.  See below to what is included.

Video review

I will watch 3-4 videos of your child in different situations to get to know them before our call

1:1 zoom call

We will then get together on zoom and complete the Can-Do Screening together and set goals.


After the call I will put together everything we have discussed into a plan, including where your child is up to and how to help

Mini course

Access to my mini course for nursery or school so they know how what the Can-Do is all about

Access to the HUB

I will give you access to the can-Do hub for 2 months where you can learn more about using Can-Do.  This includes access to the Facebook group for life

Team Journal and Communication Passport

I will give you a printable copy of the Can-Do Team Journal and Communication Passport to use to enhance communication

Joanne Jones

Hello!  I am Joanne Jones, a Consultant Speech and Language Therapist based in the UK, I have worked for 21 years in the NHS and also for many years in private practice.  I am passionate about early language development and have helped 1000's of families through my former nursery,  BBC radio and television, my amazon No.1 Bestseller and most importantly through The Home of Can-Do.  I love helping parents of young children, to work out where their child is up to, what the next steps are and how to get there. One of my drivers is the inequity of speech therapy provision and I can not wait to help you too.  

Sign-up below

Use the button below to sign-up.  You will then receive an email with a form to complete, a Whatsapp number to send the videos to and a link to my calendar to make an appointment.

Zoom Call

On the zoom call we will go through the screening and you will get a clear idea of where your child is up to, what will help and how to do it.  After the call you will get access to the Can-Do hub to learn more about how to help.


Within 7 days of our call you will receive your downloads, a plan, a communication passport, the team journal and a link for the school/nursery to follow for the mini course.


The calendar will give you a range of times and days to choose from.  If non are suitable get in touch at [email protected] and we will find a time we can both do.  Please book at least 7 days before your child's start date.

The call will be between 45 and 60 minutes depending on how much we need to get through.  There will be chance to ask questions.  if you find it is not enough time additional calls can be booked at £100 per hour, just ask for the details of how to book.

Please send the videos on Whatsapp, I need three or four videos of you and your child in different situations.  Please choose videos that show your child at their most challenging, and at their best.

I know how difficult it can be for children to 'perform' at appointments especially online, so I use video to get to know the children I work with.  This means the calls are just for me and you to talk and make a plan.

After the call you will receive an email with access to the subscription hub (for 2 months). and a link to The Can-Do Family Facebook Group (for life) If you would like to stay in the hub after the two months let us know (it is £22 per month).

Within 7 days you will then get an email containing the plan, the communication passport and the Team journal for you to use.

Once you have booked the slot is yours and so unfortunately there is no refunds.  


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