STARTS October 2023

Improve your skills and confidence to work with late-talking children

Do you have children with delayed speech and language skills or reluctant talkers that you work with?  

Can-Do can teach you how to support them by facilitating their
language development throughout your practice/work

Can-Do offers a simple but effective way to support children through your work.

Can-Do is here to show you the WAY!

We are on a mission to facilitate children's language development through skilled professionals 

Are you a physiotherapist, special needs teacher, foster carer, support worker, play therapist, occupational therapist, nurse, teaching assistant, support worker or anyone who works with children with language delay?

The Can-Do has taught 1000's of parents across the world and now it is available for professionals to add to their toolkit in an accredited course.

Late talking children need an extra special environment to thrive and this programme takes you through the easy steps to create this magic in your practice.

You can get more from your work with children by learning the tools to facilitate their communication

You don't need  a degree in Speech and Language Therapy to be able to support children to communicate more fully in your work together.

  • Tried and test strategies that help children at all stages of language development.
  •  Recommended by 1000's of parents.
  • Easy to follow programme in short videos.
  • Certification and CPD credits.
  • 100's of play ideas to develop your child's play
  • Oro-motor module to understand the impact of the mouth.
  • A community of other professionals to share ideas and network

Even if you have no speech and language experience, you can learn skills to improve your work with children by supporting their confidence, connection and communication.

We aim to knock your socks of with this unique and practical programme

We created this Certification for professionals like YOU who...

Want a practical guide

You are knowledgable and experienced but would like to add some new tools to support children's language whilst you work with them.

Care about children's confidence

Our approach here at Can-Do is about helping children be successful and building their confidence whilst appreciating the for their uniqueness and worth.

Have limited access to SALT

It is increasingly difficult to get speech and language support for children.  This will help you support children while they are waiting for an SLT appointment.

Brought to you by ME!  Joanne Jones

I am the person behind The Home of Can®  

I am a Consultant Speech and Language Therapist and mum of four

I know what it feels like to feel like to be working with families and desperately want to help but having no idea where to start.
That feeling of communication being the key to learning.


There has to be a way!   

And one that doesn't involve spending TONS of time studying or courses that break the bank.

I know so many professionals want to help the children they work with.  

They just don't know how.

For years I knew there must be a better way to support late talkers and after 23 years as a speech therapist and nearly 5 years of testing and trialling the Can-Do Approach, I have now made it available at an affordable price to all professionals

Nothing like this exists, and I know it is going to help so many children.  

I can not wait to hear what you think!

It's EASY to get started and give it a go!

SNEAK PEAK at some of the Modules 


Welcome and Introductions

In module one we will set the scene and find our feet.  This is the most important module, to get you ready for the rest of the course.


Speech & Lang Development

Learning how language develops allows you to understand what we are achieving.  the unique screening helps you know where the child you are working with is.


The Magic of Can-Do

Can-Do is special for a number of reasons in this module we will go through the elements that makes it so effective and easy to use.


AIRSPACE strategies

These strategies will give you the blueprint to take your work to the next level at supporting your clients and their families


Magic Moments

Learning about serving and returning and how to change everyday moments into communication rich experiences will supercharge you and you ability to support communication


Routines and Visuals

Change your routines to become opportunities to communicate and learn how to use the right visuals at the right moment.



Play and language are inextricably linked and so understanding play will help you to include activities that support children's learning and communication.



Learn about mouths, lips, jaws and tongues and the impact they have on the whole body and on communication.  Use strategies to support children's learning.

What you can expect

Here is what you will get by joining The Can-Do Certified Professionals
Clear onboarding

Feel settled and follow what to do straight away with our onboarding module

10 module course

We will teach you over the 10 modules to complete in your own time.

Ideas for Play

Ideas for play to add into your work.


Join our affiliate programme and get £10 thank you for every family that joins the Can-Do.


Workbooks to keep you on track and help you implement change

Can-Do Plan

Complete the Can-Do Plan and share with every child you work with and their families

Lifetime Community access

Have access to the professional community for life


Monthly Q&A's with Joanne Jones and other guest experts.

Learning Objectives

In this course you will learn...

To recognise the starting points of a child’s language development beyond how many words they say

Understand the difference between gestalt and analytic language development

Have an understanding of Can-Do and how if we get it right for the child they thrive

To understand ways to slip communication opportunities into the sessions

To understand the importance of mouths and the development of movement in the mouth.

Be aware of the language you use when talking about late talkers

Use the right way to talk with the right child to get the best co-operation and outcomes in their own work with the child

To understand the concept of Magic Moments and how they impact confidence  

To understand the importance of play and how it fits with language

To be able to apply the new learning with the families they work with and enhance their practice.

Early Bird


One-off Payment

  • 10 modules
  • 6 Q&A's
  • Email support
  • Online Community

Early Bird


Payment Plan (2 payments)

  • 10 modules
  • 6 Q&A's
  • Email support
  • Online Community