The Can-Do Play-spiration

100's of play ideas to help stretch your child's play skills. Written by our Play Specialist (ex deputy head teacher) Charlie Bullock.

Is your child struggling to play?

Inside here is packed with ideas to help your child's play.  It is all based around the central Can-Do Principle of stretching child's play skills.

So rather than trying to get them to play, with what we think they should be playing with, we take what they are doing and find ways to stretch them 'wider and deeper'

Joanne Jones

Hello!  I am Joanne Jones, a Consultant Speech and Language Therapist based in the UK, I have worked for 21 years in the NHS and also for many years in private practice.  I am passionate about early language development and have helped 1000's of families through my former nursery,  BBC radio and television, my amazon No.1 Bestseller and most importantly through The Home of Can-Do.  I love helping parents of young children, to work out where their child is up to, what the next steps are and how to get there. One of my drivers is the inequity of speech therapy provision and I can not wait to help you too.  

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