The Can-Do Self-Learn Programme

A step-by-step guide to helping your child at home with the Can-Do Approach.

More than just Speech Therapy

The Can-Do Approach is a unique approach to supporting your child at home.  Created by Consultant Speech and Language Therapist Joanne Jones this approach as helped thousands of families across the world and this course  to access it immediately and start helping your child today.

What is it all about?

Find out where your child is up to, what is their next steps and how and when to help them. Not just today but long into the future. You will learn top tips, trick, ideas and inspiration to build your confidence and support your child to communicate to their full potential.

Over the 6 modules you will get access to key information of life-changing The Can-Do Approach.  With 6 30 minute videos delivered by Consultant Speech and Language Therapist Joanne Jones, you will recieve a blueprint of home to help your child, no matter what stage they are at.

6 Modules

The whole Blueprint of how to help you child.  Step-by-step.  Follow the process and see the magic

Lifetime Access

Have access to all the course material and the facebook group for at least a year or the lifetime of the course.

Facebook Community

Join the facebook community and get support from other parents who have been working through the Can-Do

Live Q&A's

Joanne Jones will join you LIVE each month and answer all your questions

See what other parents say...

It has change Freddie's and my life.  Without it I don't know where we would be.

Freddie's mum Sarah 

I couldn't fault Joanne, she is a Speech and Language Angel!

Maggie's mum, Ann

I found out things to help my child that have never been mentioned in 4 years of NHS therapy.

Annie's mum, Jane

This works so much better than sporadic appointments.  Such great value for money.

Bailey's nan, Sheila

Module 1

The Groups

In this module you will learn how to figure out where your child is up to using our unique 'Grouping System', what they can already do, what the priorities are and where your starting point is.

You will learn the 4 main focuses of speech therapy and which to start with.

I will introduce you to the 5 C's of Can-Do and show you how this can help you know what to work on and when to move on.

Module 2

AIRSPACE Strategies

In module 2 we will learn the strategies you need to help your late talker in everyday situations at home.

I will show you what to do when to help your child communicate to their full potential.

You won't just learn what to do today, but also what to do at each step of your child's communication journey.

These strategies are for life and will help you to feel confident in your

Module 3

Magic Moments

In module 3 I will teach the first 2 of my pillars - Magic Moments and Together Time.

When you mix the AIRSPACE strategies with the pillars you really start to see 5* speech therapy being sprinkled generously into your life everyday.

You will see your child begin to unfurl and show you what they CAN do

Module 4

Routine Reinvented

Routines happen everyday and with a bit of 'Can-Do tweaking' we can turn these moments into everyday speech therapy sessions.

In this module I will show you how and we will also discuss making your child's world visual.

So much to learn, but simple when you know how

Module 5


Play and language are inextricably linked and I am going to show you how.  Once you know this, you are able use toys and play to support your child's language development.

Invitation to Play is the fourth pillar in the Can-Do and I will show you exactly how to turn your child's play into supportive, facilitative speech therapy that both of you love!

Module 6


Often a neglected part of speech therapy - Mouth Gym or oro-motor therapy.  Let's get started by working out if this is something your child needs and if so when you can do to support it.

We will also complete our 3 month Can-Do plan that you can share with members of your team and use to keep focused on where you are going.

Joanne Jones

Hello!  I am Joanne Jones, a Consultant Speech and Language Therapist based in the UK, I have worked for 21 years in the NHS and also for many years in private practice.  I am passionate about early language development and have helped 1000's of families through my former nursery,  BBC radio and television, my amazon No.1 Bestseller and most importantly through The Home of Can-Do.  I love helping parents of young children, to work out where their child is up to, what the next steps are and how to get there. One of my drivers is the inequity of speech therapy provision and I can not wait to help you too.  

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