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Speech Therapy programme

Don't panic about not be able to access enough Speech Therapy, we have the solution, help your child communicate better in 6 easy steps.

To all the parents worrying about the future for their child.

Can-Do is here to show you the WAY!

We are on a mission to help you to enjoy watching your little one grow as they become more and more confident communicating. 

Help them communicate more with this video guidance and strategies that shows you how to engage and support a beautiful transformation.   

If that doesn't seem possible right now, don't panic Can-Do has helped 1000's of families and it can help your's too!   

Late talking children need an extra special environment to thrive and this programme takes you through the easy steps to create this magic in your home.

For the first time EVER you can get access to all this information for £22 a month or £222 For LIFETIME ACCESS!

You can be your child's best Therapist and we have all the tools to show you how.

You don't need weekly speech therapy sessions, or a degree in speech therapy to get started.  The Can-Do Programme breaks it down into easy to follow step.

  • Tried and test strategies that grow with your child.
  •  Recommended by 100's of parents.
  • Easy to follow programme in short videos.
  • Video vault to search for more information.
  • 100's of play ideas to develop your child's play
  • Oro-motor plan to get mouths moving
  • More content added each month

Even if you have limited time, limited knowledge, limited experience and are beside yourself with worry, 
the Can-Do Hub can help you get

We aim to knock your socks of with this unique and practical programme

We created this HUB for parents like YOU who...

Know their child can do more...

You know your child is capable of better communication you just don't know how to unlock their potential and you feel you just need some guidance, 

Tried everything ...

You have listened to the YouTube videos, bought the apps, hire dthe SLT's, followed nursery's suggestions but you just aren't seeing progress. You want to know what you are missing. 

Sick of hearing the negatives...

You have been told what your child should be doing, what they can't do and that they need to start doing and it just make you feel deflated.  You are ready to hear the positives and start focusing on the Can-Do's

Brought to you by ME!  Joanne Jones

I am the person behind The Home of Can®  

I am a Consultant Speech and Language Therapist and mum of four

I know what it feels like to feel like to be worried sick, desperate to help but having no idea where to start.
That feeling of no time and not enough knowledge.


There has to be a way!   And one that doesn't involve spending MORE time wondering where the next professional intervention is coming from.

I know so many parents are stuck in this spot.  Wanting to help their child but not knowing how.

For years I knew there must be a better way to support parents of late talkers and after 23 years as a speech therapist and nearly 5 years of testing and trialling the Can-Do Approach, I have now made it available at an affordable price.

Nothing like this exists, and I know it is going to help so many parent.  I can not wait to hear what you think!

It's EASY to get started and give it a go!

Easy, secure payments pay monthly and stop when you are ready.
Pay once stay forever

Instant access.  

No more waiting, start straight away.

Say goodbye to waiting for assessments and appointment, take control, and start seeing progress

What you can expect

Here is what you will get in the Can-Do Subscription Hub.
Clear onboarding

Feel settled and follow what to do straight away with our onboarding module

6 module course

We will teach you over the 6 modules what to do with your child and when

Ideas for Play

Ideas added each month so you can dip in and out when you need inspiration

Free Bonus Courses

Now our bonus courses are included; Ditch the Dummy, Make Toys Count and Our Mighty Mouths


Workbooks to keep you on track and help you implement change

Can-Do Plan

Complete the Can-Do Plan and share with everyone working with your child

Communication Passport

Use the communication passport to help nursery/school work with your child.

Sent with Love

Look out for for Jo's pep talks to help you stay on track and feel supported

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